Missions with David and Lisa Hinman
In the past three years David has coached and trained over 1,200 church and ministry leaders in a missional approach that utilizes Disciple Making Movement (DMM) strategies. This ministry has taken him to Africa, Mexico, and Central & South America. He also serves as the S.W Regional Representative for Multiply Vineyard and the U.S. Representative to Africa for Vineyard Missions.

Lissa has been in pastoral ministry for twenty years, and has served as a hospice chaplain for about seven years. She is passionate about helping people experience the Love of God. Encountering Jesus is a must for her, and she hopes to help others be who God created them to be. She has been a church planter as well as a staff pastor serving in various capacities from an executive pastor role to temporary youth pastor and everything in between.

David and Lissa have three adult children (Jordan, Joy and Joelle) who are all married and two grandchildren who all reside in Denver.

Hano and Leah Vargas
Hano and Leah are full time missionaries in Ensenada, Mexico. Through Youth With a Mission (YWAM) they are able to EMPOWER other believers and IMPACT the lives of non-believers all while developing a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

This couple is bringing transformation and helps impact the city through Homes of Hope (HOH). Building homes for the poor is their main focus and passion. Building homes for families helps benefit the following 5 areas:

  • Economic: Having a debt free home helps leverage families out of poverty.
  • Education: Children are more likely to attend and stay in school without the distractions and obstacles that come with homelessness.
  • Health: Disease, injury and physical ailments from exposure are significantly lessened.
  • Transformed thinking: A home provides a safe and welcoming environment for families to invite others in and demonstrate hospitality to their community.
  • Spiritual impact: The gift of a home is a practical demonstration of God’s love for a family. Families who receive a home are inspired to respond by giving back to others in need, leading to transformed communities.

In addition to their involvement in HOH they are also serving in the following ways:

  • Vida Rehab Center – Hano was enrolled at this rehab center as a teenager and became a Christian while there because missionaries came and shared the gospel with him. In the same way he was impacted this couple wants to bring the good news to men and women recovering from addiction and sharing hope through testimonies.
  • Circulo Andante – Investing in the local youth to inspire lifelong learners and followers of Christ.
  • Discipleship Training School (DTS) – Bringing young people into a more intimate relationship with God and giving them an opportunity to discover their passions and the purpose God has for them in the world.
Hope Ventures

Hope Ventures works to train and equip local partners to cultivate sustainable incomes and thriving relationships that lead to communities that flourish. Their vision is to inspire and launch 1000 passionate entrepreneurs into the world’s great need with sustainable expressions of hope and transformation. Visit hopeventures.org to learn more about Hope Ventures and the ministry work they do to help the marginalized and underserved in various countries. Be sure to read some of the uplifting testimonials too!